Oral Cancer Prevention

We routinely perform head and neck and oral soft tissue examinations as part of our initial, new patient examination and on a regular basis on all recare and maintenance visits.

For patients who have predisposing risk factors and those with a family history of oral cancer, a more intensive detection system called Vizalite is used.

What are the risk factors? Tobacco and Alcohol use are the 2 main factors. Tobacco and not just smoking. Chewing tobacco is even worse than smoking it.

Alcohol risk is defined as more than 3-4 beers a day or more than 2 drinks a day. People at risk should be looked at yearly and evaluated for Oral Cancer.

More people die each year of oral cancer than women do from cervical cancer. Oral Cancer screening should be just as important.

Have you had a cancer screening? If not, call us today to schedule an appointment.